My WordPress plug-ins


This plug-in will select a theme based on post category or post id.

For instance, if the category id for the post shown is 84 and the post id id 4112, the following theme files will be used:

  • single-category-84.php
  • single-post-4112.php

If neither is found, the template that WordPress would have shown had the plug-in not been there, will be shown.

If the single-post-4112.php is found, it will be used, even if the single-category-84.php is found. This allows for fine-grained templates in your theme.

Download it here: or get it from WordPress plug-ins repository.

Contact info

Feel free to contact me at post at davidleonard dot dk if you have issues with the plug-in, or cool suggestions.

You are also welcome to browse my web site Festbogen, although it is in Danish, so that might limit your usage.